Manbet Nour du Centre guarantees the best customer service.

Our Services


Technical advice

Efficiency is our goal. To be always able to satisfy your needs, Manbet Nour du Centre provides you a good technical advice, a safe control and after sales service.

  • The choice of varieties
  • Their requirements
  • Their maintenance
  • The plantation
  • Picking and maturity

Order with confidence

Whatever the way you want to place your order, we guarantee:

  • Advices for an order with confidence
  • A simple and fast processing of your order
  • Security at all stages: registration, payment, delivery …

Advices for an order with confidence

On our website you can find and choose all your favorite products with just a few clicks. To help you choose and benefit from our “expert eye”, we suggest you a visit on ground.

We also provide you with passionate and knowledgeable advisors to assist you and guide you in your choices when ordering. Feel free to contact them at:

(+ 216) 25 882 948/25 903 315/28 882 958 ,

all year, all week from 8am to 18pm.

A simple and fast processing of your order

Place your order easily:

• By phone :                                                                               Our advisors will welcome and respond you on

 + 216 77 221 030, 7 days by 7, 8am to 8pm.

• By fax :                                                                             7 days by 7, 24 hours by 24, on (+ 216) 77 221 012.

Fax your order directly, ensuring that your details are clearly visible.

• By email :                                                                                        

Security at all stages of your order

Registration, payment, delivery … All your order data entry and data regarding your payment will be stored and processed by a secure system.

After sales service

We are very committed to your satisfaction. This is why we pay a special attention to the quality and strength of our plants. Quality control is carried out on all plants throughout the production cycle and before delivery.

Before planting, take advice from our technical department. For any comments after planting, we are at your disposal to deal with your request as soon as possible.