About us

Reference in the production of plants, Manbet Nour du Centre welcomes you online.

About us

Manbet Nour du Centre’s Nursery is the largest permanent crops nursery in the Center of Tunisia, with a history of aggressively marketing innovative products.
We have our own orchards, which include many experiments that focus on our grower’s concerns. They include technologies for rapid fruit production, and the evaluation of scion clones and rootstocks for broad ranges of growing conditions.

Company profile

Located at the Delegation of Chebika from the governorate of Kairouan (mid-center of Tunisia), our nursery excels in the sale of olive trees, fruits and citrus trees with more than 3 million plants sold annually.
The experience and the location of Manbet Nour du Centre allow him to expand their products outside Tunisia: Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, and Italy …

Our mission

Olives, Citrus and Fruit Trees … Many varieties are available to you to meet your needs. In Manbet Nour du Centre, you will find a variety of choices and good qualities. You are welcome to see our products!

Our values

Young, dynamic, love for plants, knowledge of their needs, consciousness of the fact that there is always something to learn, and lot of willing to improve and increase our expertise for a better service to the customers: Those are the principles that guide our nursery, in which we take care of the entire production process to ensure the high quality of our products.
The quality / price are our main purpose: qualified plants with competitive prices in addition to planting advices.

Our team

Manbet Nour du Centre’s team strives to provide you full satisfaction. We have expertise that allows us to meet all your needs, whatever are your requirements. Our extensive experience guarantees you a professional service.