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We are specialist growers of Olives, Fruit Trees and Citrus. The nursery is located in the Mid-Center of Tunisia: Chebika, Governorate of Kairouan. Our plants are distributed to Nurseries, Garden Centres, Chain stores and Landscapers across Tunisia and we also deal direct to the public.

About us

Manbet Nour du Centre’s Nursery is the largest permanent crops nursery in the Center of Tunisia, with a history of aggressively marketing innovative products. We have our own orchards, which include many experiments that focus on our grower’s concerns. They include technologies for rapid fruit production, and the evaluation of scion clones and rootstocks for broad ranges of growing conditions.

Our services

Manbet Nour du Centre’s Nursery strives to produce the finest quality of Olives, Fruit and Citrus trees. Plant control is carried out throughout the production cycle and before delivery. We continue to look for new avenues to bring exciting new varieties and unequalled service to our customers. We are continuously improving our products through our research, our people, friendship and reinvestment.

Our Products

We offer varieties of plants that extend over the entire season and all following formats: Bare root plants, Bags (2L, 4L & 20L), Pots (50L and 100L).

Our customers

With more than 3 million seedlings sold by year, the experience and the location of Manbet Nour du Centre allows him to expand his products outside Tunisia: Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, Italy...